The Threshold of the Desert’ is a powerful communication project raising awareness about the role of women as an engine of development and social change in the Arab world, through education and employment. A 20-minute social documentary selected at Cannes Film Festival, this movie digs deep into the matter of women playing a key role in promoting economic and social development, offering capacity building for women entrepreneurs, and changing the stereotypes of their traditional societies.

Moreover it has participated in dozens of Film Festivals around the world and it has been selected and/or has won in 15 of them. It has been selected at Cannes Film Festival and screened at European Parliament, United Nations HQ and Greek Parliament, among other locations.

 It has been shared through media and social media, reaching an estimate audience of more than 100 million people around the globe.

Title: The Threshold of the Desert

Duration: 18 min
O.V : French, Tamazhig, Arabic
Director: Ramon Vila
Producer: Zeineb Toumi
Executive Producer: Eduard Mateus
Produced by Vision Communication Consultancy

Watch the movie here: